How to Do Well On TikTok: Tips to Go Viral on the App

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So, you’ve finally downloaded TikTok and now you’ve found hours of your life are suddenly missing.

TikTok is the Apple App Store’s most downloaded app and it’s easy to understand why. Videos are short, content is diverse and it is, for a lot of people, a passive app as it focuses on entertainment over content. However, if you’ve decided you want to be the next TikTok sensation, we put together a few easy tips on how to do well on TikTok:

Try the 7 Second Rule

The first trick is to try to upload TikToks that are exactly 7 seconds long. This is based on tests the team has run and also on posts we’ve observed – 7-second videos tend to do very well. A simple explanation is that shorter videos will most likely be watched until the end (or even played on loop) which is a strong signal to TikTok’s algorithm indicating that people are enjoying the content. TikTok will then show your content to more and more people and you might even reach the notorious For You Page (FYP)!

Try to create a 7 seconds video and see how it performs!

Choose the Right Audio

If you’re wondering how to do well on TikTok, you should look at choosing the right audio. The easiest way to go about this is to visit your Discover page to see what songs are trending. You can then use these trending sounds as part of your content to boost the likelihood of your video to show up on people’s feeds.

If you don’t mind doing a little extra research, you can also browse the app to find up-and-coming sounds and make content with it before it blows up. By spotting viral videos and jumping on trends early, you have a better chance of appearing on TikTok’s FYP. Engage with the TikTok community, check out the content of other creators, and if you find a good (trending) song save it and use it for your next video.

Pay Attention to Location

When TikTok began expanding outside of China, they understood the importance of localizing their content. While it doesn’t override factors like interests and the content you’ve previously been engaging with, location is still an important factor in the TikTok algorithm.

So when you set out to create content, keep in mind exactly who your audience is, what the niche is you are targeting, and what type of content people in your area are posting within that niche. This will help you narrow down what type of content will work for your account.

Keep it to 3-5 Hashtags

If you’re trying to get your content seen on any social media you want to use hashtags. This is no different if you’re thinking about how to do well on TikTok. Hashtags help people discover new content and they help TikTok understand how to categorize your content.

While some people might recommend to use as many hashtags as the character limit allows, we’ve found this is not the case. Instead of using as many hashtags as possible, be more conscious about which hashtags you’re using and try to stick to between 3-5 hashtags per video.

You can find what hashtags to use by seeing what the trending hashtags are on the Discover page. You then want to mix that with more niche hashtags.

Ready to go viral?

While there is no sure-fire formula to make your content go viral, these are some simple tips that help boost your content. So now that you know how to do well on TikTok, why not give it a go?

on October 14, 2021


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