How to engage as your company profile on LinkedIn – the hard way

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Do you want to know how to engage as your company profile on LinkedIn?

Well, there are 2 ways to go about this:

1. If you’re using Chrome and love extensions that make your life easier, you might want to have a look at the Chrome Extension we’ve built. With this tool, engaging as your company on LinkedIn is just one click of a button away.

2. If you’re not using Chrome or Chrome Extensions, or you do but you simply like to find out things the complicated way, then the following guide is for you!

Engage as your company on LinkedIn in 8 Steps

There are 8 easy steps you need to follow to be able to engage as your company profile on LinkedIn.

1. Open LinkedIn and browse for a post that you would like to react to as your company profile. Once you have found a post that you would like to comment or like on as your company profile, open a new tab.

2. In this tab, you’ll open your company page. You will find your company page(s) right under your profile section within the left toolbar.

Once you have opened your company page you will be able to retrieve your company ID number which you will need later. The company ID is an 8 digit number within the URL of your LinkedIn company page.

3. Open a third tab.

4. Go back to the first tab and copy the post’s URL by selecting “Copy Link to Post”.

5. Paste the copied URL in the third tab – but don’t hit enter just yet.

6. Add “/?actorCompanyId=”your company ID” to the end of the URL. For us, it would look like this “/?actorCompanyId=14662044”.

7. Hit enter.

Ready to engage as your company on LinkedIn?

As the post is now opened with your company profile instead of your personal profile, you can like and comment as your company on this LinkedIn post.

And yes. If there are several posts you would like to engage with as your company profile, you would have to repeat this step for every post. Unless of course, you decide to start using our super useful Chrome extensions. Then it’s just one simple click of a button.

I hope this helped. If you have questions or feedback, do reach out to us on social or leave us a comment below.

on September 9, 2021


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