LinkedIn Content Marketing – DOs and DONTs you should take note of TODAY!

Content Marketing in 2021

Why we love to use LinkedIn Content Marketing for us and our clients? There are various reasons why we love content marketing on LinkedIn as compared to other social media platforms:

  • It’s great to connect with your niche (everyone is in business mode)
  • People actually use their real names and photos (less keyboard warriors in our experience)
  • You still get a fair share of organic reach (if your content is valuable)
  • B2B targeting can be a real breeze!

If you have a personal or company profile on LinkedIn, you know that the platform is a super effective and growingly popular way to drive organic traffic, boost brand exposure, and convert leads into sales. It comes as no surprise that active user numbers are steadily increasing. With currently around 740 million active LinkedIn members across 200+ countries, content marketing on LinkedIn is hot!

In fact, according to LinkedIn analytics, 80% of B2B marketing leads on social media come from LinkedIn. There’s a 2X increase in conversion rates and a 44% cost reduction per lead when LinkedIn marketing is done right.

And this is where you should take note – LinkedIn content marketing done right.

We’ve gathered a list of some fundamental dos and don’ts to be mindful of so you’ll be well-groomed and positioned to get the most valuable results from your efforts.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Best Practices 

  • Quality, Quality, Quality: Whether you are opting for a short or long-form article to post, you will not have a good interactive outcome if it lacks quality. When developing your article, ensure that the data you deliver is high-quality, relevant, and addresses pain points with effective solutions to remediate them. 
  • Leverage Video Content: According to WordStream, videos can increase organic traffic by 157% and raise conversion rates by 80%. Furthermore, the LinkedIn algorithm has a soft spot for videos – it should be clear why: videos keep the audience longer on the platform and LinkedIn is proactively trying to compete for eyeballs with YouTube and Facebook. Knowing this, video marketing is a wonderful way to obtain new levels of engagement and business growth on the platform, making it well worth considering in your marketing strategies.
  • Know Your Audience: This one may sound like a no-brainer, but it is one that can make or break your content marketing efforts. Do some in-depth target market research, see what your competitors are posting, and know whom you are addressing when you post content on LinkedIn. In the end, being set up to succeed right from the start is going to give you the best shot at obtaining your longer-term objectives. 

Things to Avoid 

  • Don’t Try to be Overly Professional: Yes we are on a professional social media platform but believe it or not, using an overly strict corporate or robotic tone in your content marketing is going to do more harm than good (this is actually a fact for almost all content marketing online). You want to sound professional but humanized to avoid killing the engagement factor – shake off that board room stiffness and get in your comfy mode.
  • Don’t Write the Same Stuff Over and Over Again: Writing about a certain topic is one thing, but if you continue to address it again and again it’s going to exhaust your target audience. Sooner or later they will be disengaged. Instead, switch it up a bit and talk about different things each week or month to keep them interested. 
  • Don’t Be a Sales Person: LinkedIn is no place to be salesy or pushy. Many professionals (like you and me) already have their guard up against content such as this. If you really want to break down those barriers, follow a content ratio of 10% promotional and 90% high-quality content that is both educational and captivating.

Conclusion – Achieve Your Marketing Goals 

Though you should certainly branch out and market across all leading social media platforms, LinkedIn in particular features a dominating level of trust and authority amongst a diverse range of professionals. This very reason is why the LinkedIn platform is a perfect place to content market if you want to be seen as a well-established leader and build a solid network. Plus, the algorithm (still) seems to be favorable to give you organic reach – which is great.

But this all only holds true if you are diligent and mindful to structure your LinkedIn content marketing strategies in such a way that attracts and engages people on that unique site.

So, take your time with your next article to post on LinkedIn. Give it some thought and ask yourself if this is something that creates value for your audience.

  • Would YOU read and like it? Don’t create something you wouldn’t want yourself.
  • Keep your business and personal life separate (Would you show or say something like this during a professional networking event? No? Then don’t post it on LinkedIn either.)
  • Focus on quality, and remember that this platform is not about hard sells, spamming connections, or irrelevant entertainment.

As long as you keep this simple etiquette of dos and dont’s in the back of your mind, there is a solid chance that your LinkedIn content marketing strategy is going to be a success – and lots of fun!

Bonne Chance!

on April 15, 2021


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