What Is A Landing Page and Why Do You Need One?

Content Marketing in 2021

Let’s face it; when it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy for your business, it can get pretty complex. Content creation, SEO, paid ads, outreach, social media, actually talking to your customers and creating value for them (yes, that’s also part of marketing), … The list is long.

We’ve discussed some of these in our previous blogs and today we want to touch upon another crucial part of your digital marketing stack – landing pages. Do you have one? Do you know what a landing page is or how a landing page is different from your regular website? Well, you came to the right place!

If a landing page is not part of your marketing strategy at the moment, you’re missing out on tons of growth and exposure opportunities. Understanding what a landing page can do for you and knowing how to design good landing page content is not only very simple but it can also very well be that low-hanging fruit you’ve been looking for all this while!

…here’s why.

What is a Landing Page and Why it Matters

In general, a landing page is a single webpage that has one specific purpose – to act as a call to action (CTA) for your marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are 100% focused on the CTA objective and do not show content that can distract from the intended message to your target audience.

It’s the place where a user “lands” after clicking on a link on a social media post, a paid ad, Google search result, email newsletter, etc. That’s why it is called a “landing page”.

So, why do you need landing pages

When done properly and with your audience in mind, it can lead to an exponential rise in leads, sale conversions, and subscriptions and drive more engagement, which are all things that normal-styled websites tend to have a harder time keeping up with. Properly optimized landing pages have a conversion rate of 10% and above – that’s not too shabby in our eyes and well worth the effort, don’t you think?

What’s The Difference Between A Landing Page and A Regular Website

One of the main questions that we hear often is: “What’s the difference between a landing page and a regular website?”. For starters, both are important and deserve to be prioritized in their own way.  However, the primary difference boils down to one specific thing: focus. You see, regular websites are designed to engage audiences, deliver information, and entice them to discover different elements about your business/what you offer. On the other hand, a landing page was made to bolster conversions, sales, signups, etc. – based on a single CTA.

For a quick reference:

  • websites = exploration gateway
  • landing pages = conversions

Websites are vital to connecting to your audience, but exploration easily leads to distraction. And that is where landing pages can come in to pick up the focus slack.

“Landing pages CRUSH normal pages because they’re 100% focused on a single CTA. They also convert because you can target them for a specific group, type of customer or offer.”

Brian Dean

CEO, Exploding Topics & Backlinko

How to Design A Good Landing Page

Knowing what a landing page is one thing, but knowing how to design a good landing page for yourself is where the real advantages lie. Though we cannot give you a perfect landing page outline as every CTA objective varies, we can give you some helpful tips to get you going in the right direction.

  • Keep it simple and straightforward with a minimalist approach. Remember, you want this to be focused and direct, not distracting. Less is more! Keep you target audience and objective in mind.
  • Use an abundance of trust signals to build confidence and trust from your audiences. This can be assurances, listing endorsements, social proof, certificates, reviews, etc.
  • We are living in an age of “mobile first”! Make sure that your landing page can render on all devices. You can lose opportunity if your audience has to pinch and zoom your landing page on their smartphones – let alone the potential (virtual) whips from Google.
  • Create your landing page with your audience in mind. Do your target market research and speak to them specifically to drive engagement (use their lingo, emphasize their pain points, solve their problems).
  • Test the heck out of it! Your landing page must be rigorously tested throughout the process to comb through any bugs or directional flaws to get it to a secure, results-driven point.

Advance Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Landing Pages

In summary, do you really need a landing page – even if you have a super awesome website? You bet. With the digital world being as competitive and flooded as it is, knowing why you need landing pages and how to design a good landing page is something that can elevate your successes in ways that regular websites can’t. All in all, don’t underestimate the power of a landing page. Leverage it!

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to A/B test your landing pages until you nail down the best approach that meets your CTA goals. Because if you truly want to drive traffic, increase your conversion rates, and capture qualified leads, then opting for a landing page is the most fundamental, no-brainer way to help make that happen.

on July 2, 2021


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