4 Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Help Your Small Business

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Much like everything else within the world of digital marketing, the effort to advance your small business and grow social media followers organically isn’t just a want anymore; it is a necessity. After all, there is a lot of competition out there today, which puts a lot of pressure on small businesses to try and stand out.

So how can your business stand out? Content marketing can help you here.

Content marketing is a great way to help your small business increase SEO traffic, gain more sales, and grow a stronger social media following organically. If you’re not sure why content marketing is such a powerful way to succeed with online business, here are four good reasons why you’ll want to consider including it into your digital marketing strategy.

1. You Will Rank Higher in SERPs

Content marketing with SEO strategies in mind is a great way to help boost your ranking in search engines like Google. The reason for this is because when you are actively creating quality, SEO-rich content for your business, you will become more respected on search engines over time. Search engine algorithms work hard to scan for websites that are posting good content often so they can rank the best and most relevant ones in SERPs.

That means the more active you are with content marketing, the more chances you have of ranking higher in SEO search results. And that means, you will have a better chance of boosting small business exposure. You can also grow social media followers organically if your social media pages are linked to your website!

Fun Fact: According to HubSpot, 75% of Google browsers never scroll past the first page. Therefore, SEO content is vital to help compete for a spot on that first page.

2. You Will Build Sincere Follower Engagement

Adding a layer of personality with your content marketing is a sure-fire way to make you really stand out from your competition and build trust across the board. Whether it be in short form blips on social media or long-form posts on your website, connecting with your audience on a more personal level is the best way to set yourself apart from others.

The best part about connecting more with your audiences in this way is that it can help to make them brand advocates who will help promote your small business via word of mouth. With 64% of marketers agreeing that word of mouth is the best way to raise brand awareness, content marketing with personality is another way to help your small business in the long-term.

3. You Will Widen Your Target Audience Outreach

There is no denying that content marketing can increase SEO traffic and help grow social media followers organically. That’s primarily because good content marketing can help entice people to check out your social platforms.

However, there is another side to this: your ability to expand your target audience! Imagine, there might even be a whole target audience out there that you haven’t touched yet and guess what content marketing can help you bridge that gap. Who knows? Widening your campaign outreach like this could be the simple step that improves your army of followers, raises your conversion rates, and betters your SEO ranking.

4. You Will Support Your Company’s Expansion Efforts

Whether your goal is to remain a small business or develop into a larger corporation someday, have the peace of mind that content marketing can support your expansion efforts. When done regularly, content marketing can help you develop a good brand reputation over time, which can also lead to more social media followers that you can connect with. Content marketing will help you build a loyal following steadily and have more opportunities to enlarge your small business. In short, the stronger and bigger your following gets, the better your chances are at reaching your expansion goals.

Keep in mind that this is not just about increasing SEO traffic and growing a larger customer base to support your future plans. It can also be an excellent way to connect with other professionals to help spread your brand awareness even more.

Bottom Line – Set Your Small Business Up for Success with Content Marketing

Content marketing and learning how to increase traffic from search is a perfect way to help your small business obtain a sustainable growth-driven future. Because content marketing allows you to connect with potentially billions of people across the globe, it’s not surprising why so many businesses, both large and small, use content marketing in one way or another.

In summary, content marketing is certainly something not to overlook or underestimate if you run a small business. With that being said, if you truly want to acquire how to grow social media followers organically and optimize your bottom-line, then taking advantage of content marketing is the most viable way to help make that happen.



on August 3, 2021


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