Discord for Marketing: 4 Tips to Try!

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So, you’ve finally decided to use Discord for marketing?

Discord started off as a platform for gamers. Over the course of the pandemic, it reached a much wider audience. People discovered it was an easy way to talk to your friends and family.

Influencers have been using Discord as a relationship marketing tool to stay in touch with their fans. And now even brands like Hot Topic and Chipotle have created their own Discord servers for marketing purposes.

Discord is very different from typical social media marketing. If you already know how the platform works, here are four tips we have to get your brand started on Discord:

Tip #1: Build A Community

Using Discord for marketing goes beyond building a relationship between brand and audience. It allows for customers to collectively gather and engage with one another over shared interests. This act of community building is an important part of building brand loyalty allowing users to authentically connect with you and their peers.

Having this type of community where people also allows for you to really be able to see what your community has to say. That could be anything from similar interests that overlap with your brand or receiving direct feedback about your brand.

You can build a community through initiatives like hosting virtual events on the server or creating channels where users can talk with one another about topics that aren’t directly related to your brand.

Tip #2: Engage, Engage, Engage

Discord’s setup allows you to put out more targeted messages. Having the ability to create different channels on a single server allows your audience to choose what they want to see without you having to manually sort between your members (though you can do that too). Consider using Discord for marketing by creating different channels for announcements for different demographics. Then in those channels share content that you would typically put in your newsletter.

This can be more engaging and interactive for your audience compared to using email marketing. While this shouldn’t be a replacement for email marketing, it is a different and more immediate way to gauge a reaction from your audience. Discord even has an emoji react feature meaning even when you don’t have in-depth feedback, you can gauge a response via react feature.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Tip #3: Make It Exclusive

You can use Discord for marketing by creating incentives for your customers to join your server. This can be done via offering exclusive discounts or access to members of your server.

Alternatively, you can also leverage Discord if your brand offers a rewards program or membership. This can be done by creating private servers or channels made only available to those who are subscribed as a member.

This exclusivity creates urgency and an incentive for your customers to join. It also allows for your brand to build a smaller, more intimate community of your most loyal customers. This, in turn, helps your market research and getting effective feedback.

Tip #4: Welcome Feedback

Feedback is a crucial part of the growth of any business. And we’ve already established Discord for marketing is a great way to get it. You can create a separate channel specifically for customer feedback. This can be a more effective way to get feedback compared to email marketing surveys as the conversation automatically feels more personal.

Members are also able to see each other’s feedback which allows for the discussion to expand even greater than just brand and customer. This in turn can help you develop your products/service better as you can better understand what sort of solution your customers are seeking.

Another benefit is that you can directly reply to your customer’s concerns and allows you to directly follow up with them after. This allows your guest to feel valued which improves your brand loyalty.

Get Feedback

So what are you waiting for?

These are just a few easy things you can do with Discord for marketing to get you started. If you’re still unsure about the platform we’ve previously talked about how to use Discord for business and whether your business should be using it.


on October 7, 2021


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