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Free Social Media Marketing for a Non-Profit! 💌

Covid-19 imposes many challenges on our society and unfortunately will continue to do so for a while. Until then, we will have to fight this beast together and help wherever we can. And to be honest, the past few days we came across some amazing initiatives from people all around the world who are doing exactly that – helping. Between all the #socialdistancing and #wfh, people are doing everything in their power to help reduce the impact of #Covid19. 

We applaud you!

These oftentimes very selfless actions truly deserve more attention! So to do our part, we decided to offer content creation for a non-profit that needs a little help with their social media marketing – free of charge. ⭐️

Wow awesome! Where can I sign up? What are the requirements?

We are looking for individuals and organizations that do good during these times. If you are making a positive impact to help reduce the impact of Covid-19, you should definitely contact us. A few examples of great initiatives are:

🏠 Doing groceries for the elderly and sick
🏥 Supplying medical equipment to hospitals and doctors
🌈 Apps, forums, websites to offer guidance and support to better cope with this situation

You got me! How can I sign up for this?
– Just send us a direct message on Facebook or LinkedIn, tag @scienceanddonuts in one of your own posts

What will Science & Donuts do for me?
– SnD will create four engaging social media posts per month with consistent branding for your non-profit
– If not available, we will also set up your social media channels for your non-profit

How long will SnD provide the free content marketing services?
– We will continue the service for  3 months first but we might extend it if needed 

Share this message – maybe other marketing agencies will join this initiative! #spreadlove 🍩

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on March 25, 2020



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