How to Grow Your TikTok Account

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So now that you know how to create viral TikTok videos, the next step is to find out how to grow your TikTok account. While creating viral content is a key part of gaining followers, here are 4 more tips for TikTok you can use to grow your following:

Interact with TikTok users

A simple way of growing your TikTok account is to interact with other TikTok users. Did you like someone’s TikTok video? Leave a comment! This works best on videos from creators who create similar content to you.

By engaging with people on any social media platform we recommend expanding your circle within your niche. You increase your profile visibility as people will see your profile in the comments and may visit your page.

With that in mind, try to be as genuine as possible in the comments. People value authenticity and you don’t want your comment to be viewed as spam! Make some effort and show that you really liked the content of that particular TikTok user.

Utilize TikTok Duets and Stitches

Once you’ve gotten used to interacting with people, another way to get more followers on TikTok is to level up by trying out features like Duets and Stitches. TikTok Duets allows you to split-screen with another creator’s video while Stitch lets you add on to the end of another person’s video.

Both features are a good way to capitalize on TikTok trending videos that are already viral or popular. From there you can build your own views which can potentially convert into new TikTok followers. See a video of someone explaining a topic you know a lot about? Stitch with them and further elaborate on what they’re saying. See a popular TikToker lip-syncing a duet? Duet them by lip-syncing the other part. There are so many ways to get creative with this. Try it out!

Posting Regularly is Key

Finding the sweet spot on how many times to post per week varies depending on what platform you use. TikTok is particularly unique as posts don’t seem to have the same shelf-life as they do on other platforms such as Instagram. There is much debate about how the algorithm works, but from our research, it’s possible for a video you posted a while back to suddenly blow up again.

Do you think you can post multiple times per day? Go for it! TikTok even recommended posting 1-4 times per day in the beginning. This increases the chances of your video appearing on someone’s TikTok For You Page (FYP) and generally having your content seen by people.

That being said, the quality of your TikTok content still matters. If you’ve decided to post multiple times a day, ensure that you create content specifically to engage with your potential followers.

Your Caption Matters

TikTok might have a 150-character limit for your caption, but you don’t want to overlook it! It might be tempting to maximize the character limit with as many hashtags as possible. But we recommend really trying to hit those keywords that are relevant for your niche.

Your caption is the easiest way for people to see what your video is about without watching it. In order to grow your TikTok, treat your caption like an elevator pitch for your video.

Another one of our tips for TikTok captions is to try crafting a short and snappy caption that drives engagement. An easy way to do this is by asking a question or writing a caption that invites a response.

You’re All Set

Now you know the tips for getting more TikTok followers and growing your account. You might have a better understanding of how to do well on TikTok and how to fully optimize your account. With all these tips in mind, keep on putting out consistent, creative content and you’ll definitely see your account grow!

on December 21, 2021


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