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Updated Social Media Size Guide on 24/8/2021

Our social media size guide will help you to create content that is optimized for user experience on the various social media platforms.

If you are creating content for social media, you probably have noticed that different platforms have different formats (e.g. Instagram has a feed, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, IGTV, etc.). And different formats might have different recommended dimensions to create the best possible user experience. That can be confusing in the beginning which is why we put together a straight forward social media size guide for you.

Use the recommended social media dimensions!

Do use the dimensions that the platforms recommend. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a designer with expensive software to crop images and videos. A tool like Canva or Sproutsocial for example will do the trick just fine! Using the recommended dimensions for social media platforms means you are creating the best possible user experience.

It does not make much sense to use a 16:9 landscape video for an Instagram Reel. We therefore strongly urge you to make the most of the visual real estate the platform gives you. So if Instagram gives you a whole screen full of content space for their Reels format (9:16), you better use it!

Best for Cross-Platform

Keep in mind that you always should aim for using the right dimensions for each format of your social media paltform. But if – for some reason -you really need to find a one size fits all dimension, for us, that would be 1:1 (or square – where the pixels are the same for width and height). A convenient shotgun-approach format, as we call it. You will definitely hit something because it comes across nice enough on all platforms. 


Social Media Post Dimensions for Facebook


Facebook Cover Photo (Business Page): 1958×745

Facebook Feed Post: 2048×2048 (Square 1:1), 2048×3072 (Portrait 4:6), 2048×1149 (Landscape 16:9)

Facebook Page Cover: 820×312

Facebook Event Cover Photo: 1000×524

Facebook Ads

Facebook Lead Generation Ads: 1200×628

Facebook Click to Website Ads: 1200×628

Facebook Ad Carousel: 600×600

Facebook Page Likes Campaign: 1200×444

Facebook Offers: 1200×628


Social Media Post Dimensions for Instagram


Instagram Profile Photo: min. 110×110

Instagram Feed Photos/Videos: 1080×1080 (Square), 1080×1350 (Portrait), 1080×607 (Landscape)

➔ Instagram Stories: 1080×1920

➔ Instagram IGTV: 1080×1920

➔ Instagram Reels: 1080×1920

Pro-tip: if you are planning to share your Instagram Reels on your Instagram feed as well, make sure to optimize the video for 1080×1350. This means you want important elements of your video such as texts and titles, faces, etc. to be visible on both dimensions.


Social Media Post Dimensions for LinkedIn


LinkedIn Profile Cover Photo: 1584×396 (4:1)

LinkedIn Profile Photo: 400×400 – 20000×20000

LinkedIn Logo Size: 300×300

LinkedIn Page Cover Photo: 1128×191

LinkedIn Blog Post: 1200×627

LinkedIn Feed on Desktop: 1200×1200

LinkedIn Feed on Mobile: 1200×1200

LinkedIn Stories: 1080×1920


Social Media Post Dimensions for TikTok


TikTok Dimensions: 1080×1920


Social Media Post Dimensions for YouTube


Video Dimensions: 1280 x 720 (720p), 1920 x 1080 (1080p), 2560 x 1440 (1440p) and 3840 x 2160 (2160p)

YouTube Shorts: 720×1280 (720p), 1080×1920 (1080p), 1440×2560 (1440p), and 2160×3840 (2160p)


Social Media Post Dimensions for Pinterest


Pinterest Photo: 735×1102

➔ Pinterest Promoted Video: 1:1 (square) or 2:3, 4:5 or 9:16 (vertical)



on August 24, 2021


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