5 Rules for SUCCESS ON Linkedin

Why LinkedIn??

It’s easy: with nearly 700 million professionals, LinkedIn is home to the largest professional audience. It provides an ideal platform to engage with decision-makers, influencers and leaders.


of decision-makers use LinkedIn to research vendors and collect information


of Social Media driven B2B leads come from LinkedIn


more effective in generating leads than other Social Media

*Heinz Marketing Inc

*LinkedIn study (2020)


So what do successful brands do to get the most out of Linkedin?

They follow these 5 rules:

1. Strategy

Successful brands have a social media plan

2. Consistency

Successful brands post at least once per week

3. Resources

Successful brands allocate enough resources to boost their LinkedIn performance

4. Interaction

Successful brands interact with their communities on LinkedIn

5. Branding

Successful brands create their own LinkedIn identity to stand out

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